(n)certainties – Columbia – Fall06

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Columbia– Fall 2006

Studio Francois ROCHE | R&Sie(n) / New-territories.com

with the influence  of  :

Stephan Henrich | Machines Biennale 2008 (robots)

Benoit Durandin | I’ve heard about

with the invitation of  :

David Benjamin as assistant-partner| The Living


Athroposophic, heterotopy, ecosophic, osmotic, symbiotic, biogenetic, bio-politic, animism, transformism, hybridization, biotopes, in vitro/Vivo, post-humanism, multitudes, self-organisation, bottom up, game of life, cellula automata, emergence, dynamic simulation, pattern recognition, ecosogy, genotype, phenotype, adaptation, growth, parametric, proccedure, protocol, routine, scripting, algorythm, L-system, neural network, travelling salesman, recursion, fractals…