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Dead Line postponed 30 May 17 / 15 seats / See  Application page


News / The Bangkok ”Barricade” project (with movie, report, fragments) will be exhibited at 2017 Malaysia Biennial including full crew credits… see paragraph authorship/


Francois Roche, Ezio Blasetti, Stefan Henrich, Danielle Willems, Benoit Durandin,  Vongsawat Wongkijjalerd present new MAKATION:_ 2 weeks in Bangkok to scenarize, design, compute and realize a Robotic Barricade in a street (china Town) of Bangkok…. with 15 seats.

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Barricade is a robotic, scripting and fabrication workshop taking place next summer in Thailand/Bangkok. This workshop will have four areas of development, theoretical, computational, material rob-fabrication, film fiction. The daily experience will be balanced between scenario, computation and robotic processes of  ”the doing” (know-how knitted with global tooling, comput and machinism)  in situ,  as endogeneous-exogeneous apparatuses.

The project will emerge (design, process, research, documentation, fabrication, etc.) from intrinsic collaborative work of our group, blurring the limits between students and instructors,  with strategy of co-responsibility, co-authorship .

Scenario / fiction

In a abandoned street of BKK, a group of crypto-anarchist, coming from past-future, are facing ”an” enemy,  though a daily agenda to organize their defense,  their barricade. Nobody remember clearly what is, what was the declared enemy, at the origin of their paranoiac obsession.  Some time some of them doubt of the initial reason which gather the situation…but all of them agreed to perpetuate this endlessness goal,  as the cement of their small society, but obviously as the trap…of their own paranoia.

Their disobedience against somethings, somebodies, is the condition of their ‘pataphysic absurdism.  The fence of their Gate Community (Architecture syndrome of Design & Crime ”Bunkerization” / Hal Foster)  

Please do not disturb them, and do not feed them. We are not in a zoo. They has to be respected as the last wild anomaly in a cityscape environment.



Scenario / Process / Shaping / Prototyping / Fabrication  / Shooting 

Designing and robotic fabrication / for Living space within the Barricades (as beavers) in an aesthetic strategy of disobedience and illusion…

including a scenario and movie as a fiction

Daily agenda

To optimize production and develop knowledge, we will work on:

. Research – material (in situ expertise, know-how, political and cultural involvements,  literature, mythology, extraction-transformation, symbiosis)

. Process – computation (logic of wiring, staggering, bending,  expanding, with multiple attractors, control and loosing control, point clouds, with variable components, on Rhino Grasshopper and Python scripting), including the  3D scanning.

. Material experiment –   (prototyping, tests of resisting and decay, strategy of construction and destruction, machinism and robotic developments)

. Report (photography, recordings and film / stop motion during all the process of construction)

. Scenario for movie and design narrative co-relation

The work days life will be balanced between computation, fabrication and scenario development. 


. Movie screening by every three evening

. Computation (Python, Object Oriented, Grasshopper)

. Kuka 10100 R10 / Robotic  sessions

Robotic Lab

The workshop will come with a six+1 axes kuka (see robot page) with soft-tool-process-nozzle/ Robot with Real Sensor Interface for analogue digital inputs /

Last production with some sensor interfaces 

The extruder for prototyping


A team will work on the fictionalization-fictional movie, pitched, scenarized, shot and pre-edited, around a siamese production…

Conditions of production

The design of the construction, the scenario, shooting and pre-editing of the movie will be both done during this DIY-Movie workshop, as an adventure of simultaneous teaching-production process between all participants, as a sharing of knowledge, intentions and credits.

This project (design, process, researches, documentation, construction, etc.) will entirely emerge from the collaborative work of our group, as a unique and engaged realization.

Blurring the limits between students and instructors, we will define together a strategy of co-responsibility and co-authorship.

Course offered

-Political and Critical Thinking (influences / mythologies / researches / documentaries)
-Scripting – Rhino Grasshopper / computation meanings and protocols
Robotic logic / behavior-design
-Film series – Anthropology/Fiction-Real/Documentary-Mockumentary from Nanuk the Warrior to Cannibal Holocaust


-15 students selected on CV/portfolio from anywhere on the planet

The workshop will be the occasion to shape, prototype , realize and fictionalize a fragment of architecture

It will include course of computation, of narration-scenario, of robotic design process, of…

Several machines has be already installed  (robot 7 axes, mixing, pump 10KW for large extruder, small extruder on gears )


1)La Commune / Film / 2002 / Peter Watkins / 345 mn / around 6 hours / https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/la_commune_2003/ 

Torrent Kickass/ https://kickass.ukunblock.host/la-commune-paris-1871-tt6390820.html / 

2) The last (unfinished) short story of Kafka:

DE https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Der_Bau

EN https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Burrow_(short_story)

FR https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Terrier_(livre)

3) The first urban manual of how to make a good barricade and to keep it (in french only sorry, apparently it hasn’t been translated in english, but there is some drawings____ by Auguste Blanqui:



4) Map Barricade in Paris


5) Design and Crime and other Diatribes / Hal Foster

6)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gottfried_Semper / Semper the architect of the king and the ”barricades”…


A part of the Barricade will be used as subtract for Fungus  (oyster mycelium) / including special compost done in BKK (Agar)


”In BKK,  official right to realize the “makation” in the street”