The conference looks to establishing the tenets of a radically revised architectural praxis mandated by digital technologies:

Sponsors |

.::Gehry Technologies (Digital Project)
.::Bentley Systems(Generative Components)


First Wave Speakers |

Frederic Migayrou |Head Curator of Architecture at the Centre Pompidou | Paris
.::Bill Mitchell | Head of the Media Lab, MIT | Cambridge
.::Mark Burry | Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, RMIT | Melbourne

Second Wave Speakers |

.::Asymptote | Hani Rashid & Lise-Ann Couture | Columbia | NY
.::dECOi | Mark Goulthorpe | MIT | Paris
.::Greg Lynn FORM | Greg Lynn | UCLA / Vienna / Columbia | LA
.::Kol Mac Studio | Sulan Kolatan, William MacDonald | , Columbia / Penn | NY
.::ONL | Kas Oosterhuis, Ilona Lenard | TU Delft | Rotterdam
.::R&Sie| Francois Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux | Paris

Third Wave Speakers |

.::Ali Rahim | UPenn/ Contemporary Architecture Practice | NY
.::Degree Zero | David Serero/ Arnaud Descombes/ Antoine Regnault | Paris / NY
.::SERVO | Marcelyn Gow / David Erdman / Ulrika Karlsson / Chris Perry | Los Angeles, Zurich, Stockholm, NY
.::Hernan Diaz Alonso | Xefirotarch Sciarc / Columbia | NY
.::OCEAN NORTH | Kivi Sotamaa | Ohio/ Helsinki
.::Hyperbody Research Group| Christian Friedrich / Chris Kievid | Delft
.::Mette Ramsgard Thomsen. PhD | Bartlett | London
.::Axel Kilian. PhD | Design & Computation MIT | Cambridge
.::Stylianos Dritsas / Alex Tsamis / Lydia Kallipoliti. PhD | Design & Computation, MIT | Cambridge
.::Horst Kiechle | Amorphous Constructions | Sydney
.::Michael Silver | Yale | New Haven
.::Marta Malé-Alemany | Sci Arc | LA
.::J. Meejin Yoon | MIT | Cambridge
.::Alisa Andrasek | biot(h)ing | NY

Invited Critics and Moderators |

John McMorrough |Yale | New Haven, Cambridge
Michael Speaks | Sci Arc / Michigan | LA, Michigan

Conference Thematic |

The conference follows on from the provocative exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Non Standard Architecture, curated by Frederic Migayrou, which proclaims the full emergence of a legitimate digital praxis in architecture. The architects from the exhibition will articulate the non-standard principles implicit in their research into modes of digital praxis.

Conference Thematic

Schedule of Events |

The conference will allow for long presentations by the architects in order to encourage development of full manifestos, and opportunity for thorough questioning of each paper. It is intended that it be recorded as a book by MIT Press.


Admission |

Reservations are imperative

The event will take place at the Auditorium of the Stata Centre (345 seats) and spill over into another 4 smaller Auditoriums (90 seats each) which will have video relay of the main conference as well as housing the third wave speakers.

Main Auditorium : Students $30 : Academics $50 : Professionals $90
Kirsch 32-123

Ancillary Auditoria : Students Free : Academics Free : Professionals $30
AVT. 7-431 and 26-100

MIT Students and Faculty : Free ($30 guarantees Main Auditorium)

Registration Imperative for all : Main Auditorium seats allocated by date of reservation

An Information Pack and Coffee and Snacks
will be included in this entrance fee

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Main Auditorium, student and academic rate seats are sold out!

An additional spill over space ( in addition to AVT. 7-431) 26-100 on Saturday and Sunday between 8:00 am & 5:00 pm with charge of $10.00.

Please check made out to :M.I.T. with a note in the
memo line as N.S.P. Conference!

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NSP Conference
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MIT Dept. of Architecture
Room 10-491 M
77 Massachusetts Ave.
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