Ordos 100 /

Agharti (a Wet Green-blue bath / Inner-Mongolia/China)

Subtittle : from Chinese desert to Mongoly kingdom

About the story of 100 architects selected by Herzog and de Meuron to  colonize  construct  the inner mongoly

by R&Sie(n) / architect-Paris-NY 

Project Statement:
The scope of the project is to Develop 100 hundred villas in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, for the Client, Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd. FAKE Design, Ai Wei Wei studio in Beijing, has developed the masterplan for the 100 parcels of land and will curate the project, while Herzog and de Meuron have selected the 100 architects to participate. The collection of 100 Architects hail from 27 countries around the globe. The project has been divided into 2 phases. The first phase is the development of 28 parcels while the second phase will develop the remaining 72. Each architect is responsible for a 1000 square meter Villa.


.... this territory is Agharti. It extends through the undergrounds from the whole world, starting from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. this territory comes from time or the two continents East and West formed an only one
territories. This underneath world is lit by an intense unreal light coming from the plants. The citizens of this strange underground civilization undertake what pushes and appears on the surfaces of the earth's crust, 
like the trees and grass. Their ''under the planet'' environment and society are sweet and wet, in contrast with the windy and dry surface of the upper desert... but the entrance door has been lost in the Mongolian memories...

Legend reported by Ferdynand Ossendowski, Beast, Men and Gods, Through Mongolia, 1929-1921

Architects: NewT-R&Sie(n)
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China
Design year: 2008
Construction year: 2009
Curator: Ai Weiwei, Beijing, China / Architect Selection: Herzog and de Meuron
Client: Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd, Inner Mongolia, China
Site Area: 1,500 sqm
Constructed Area: 900 sqm

Substances /  Graduation of Glazing flat tiles : >>>>>From -outdoor-  Snow and Wind, of an Dry Hostile Climate>>>>> To -indoor- Trickles, Bath, Wet Land, Wet marsh and Unpredictable Erotism


3 000 of glazing tiles waiting the rain / Trickles on all the surfaces to fill the bath and the

Mogolian Agharty kingdom and utopia