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"ORGANIC", Beaubourg, 2000

Virtual scenography for the Public Library of Information, 50 VR helmets, Beaubourg, 1M$

1) Constitution of soft and " breathing " membrane.
2) Blistering and elastic distortion of the space limits according to the virtual displacement of the avatar / spectator in real time

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"(e)-SPACE 99", Paris, Purple Institute, 1999

Exhibition by the new-territories association, at the Purple Institute, Paris,
December 10th-13th 1999. Creation of a virtual world on ActiveWorlds (RWX format).
1) Creation of a reproduction matrix (gelatinous original soup)
2) Entropy and replication of the basic cells
3) Process of apparition/disappearing of events (sound and climate)  with the visible command radius function (zone of sensitivity) and displacement of the avatar, lost in the soup, in real time for a new virtual climat.

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"NODLEDGE", Zurich, 2000

Competition for the ETH university of Zurich, to create on Internet a link between several entities.

1) Creation of a public space in 3D, like a new browser.
2) Mix on the net window between web page and web space.
3) Self-construction of the individual laboratories around the public space and self-design by each user of his own avatar
4) Concept of Flat, Fat, Growing environment

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[Driftinspace and Immersion to dataccess]


An immersion through virtual glasses, could be assimilated to NDE (near death experience), where the body is duplicated, disincarnated, between its mortal envelope, being twisted in chaotic and spasmophilic movements, and its virtual incarnation in the "skin" of the avatar.

In this context, we work out this interface, not like the representation of a transposed body (the one of the witness), but like a body immersed in its own reality, acting on the nature of space (like the humanoids programmers in the film Tron). This avatar is a matrix into which the visitor slips. The study of the degree of autonomy between these two "beings" is actually in progress. Their reciprocal displacements cause a succession of distortions of the space and of swelling of the skin. The multiple dilations give access to the databank. To access to data, you must at first loose yourself in the space. Displacement in real time is assimilated thus to an engine of research (related to therandom-walk). Also, contextual menus give access to other systems of location in space.


As much the work of the agency R&Sie... sticks in the real to connect architecture to a distortion of the cartography and the geography, as much New-Territories, in the virtual, is working with the geography of displacement. So, localism is a support of changes, produced on the corporeality of a territory, or through the mobility of avatars. In both cases, it is about hyper-localism, and not a reflection on the macro structure, " right here, right now " as sings Flat Boy Slim. This immediate implication, the simultaneity of appearances and perceptions thus allow us to escape from any mental or metaphorical projections on the global (whether it is real or virtual). It does act as a continuation of micro-actions, whose implication is coming from the analysis of a situation (situs analysis) in a world where stimuli only are the spatial marks.