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Wire Frame

Pouilly, 2002, France
Architect: R&Sie(n)… Paris
Associated Artist: Philippe Parreno
Creative team and associates partner : François Roche, Stephanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro
Key dimensions: 250 m2
Client : Consortium Dijon, Nouveaux Commanditaires, City of Pouilly.
Cost : 1,2 M$

Text :
Design of a bridge on the Burgundy Channel (restaurant of 200 m2, and a public walkway), replacing the old bridge, destroyed 20 years ago.
Scenario :
1) Analysis of how  to construct a bridge in the 19th century (steel beam connected in situ).
2) Weaving of the new bridge beam in wire material, like a cobweb.
3) Adapting the wire cage according to admissible public weight by meter square (walk way and restaurant).
4) Production of façades which follow the flexibility of the structure.