first hypnosis room 2005 / GO TO hypnosis chamber on ''I've heard about'' experiment






Architects : NewT-R&Sie(n) - (François Roche, Stephanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro)  with Camille Lacadee, Benoit Durandin  & Mathieu Lehanneur.

Prototype company : Ufacto

Type of building : Hypnosis Chamber Unit

Site of the building : Inside the wall of any private flats

Type of dweller : Alienated techno-consumers

Applied Technologies : Subjectivities and Somnabulism

Situation : Both : Vitra Museum, Germany & Singapor Biennale / Fall 2006



 “The great industrial and financial powers produced not only commodities, but also subjectivities”

Toni Negri, Empire, Havard University 2000


How to produce a des-alienation process by infiltrating this subjectivity. The Dismiss hypno-chamber is a way to construct a personal relationship, as a “waking up sleeper” with a fictional environment only reachable by hypnosis. The Dismiss hypno-chamber is an open door; a Trans door, in the sense of Dan Simmons (Hyperion), to escape on another layer, an egalitarian layer where the notion of democracy in re-evaluated, as a self determination process…


Sloterdick talk about the habitat as a pure machine of acknowledges, a machine of insulation, in the pursuit of “la machine à habiter” of Corbusier. We don’t want to use technology as a new propaganda of the future but more as a vector of subjectivity, individual and collective…to reintroduce uncertainty, vibes of time, and fears of sleeping comfort… The other is to accept that architecture cannot resolve all human parameter, as a pure objectivisation of desire. We will integrate the hypnosis experiment inside the habitat itself, as a new “function”. This paradigm include the way to escape from the human condition, similar than the utopia/dystopia of the Somnambulism movement, as a touchable “star gate”. For this we include in our team the hypnosis specialist: François Roustang.


Somnambulism, n. -1. Mental activity produce during the phase called waking sleep, or even heightened consciousness. Somnambulism can be characterized by the sensation of an indefinite, uncertain and problematic state, a state of unstable consciousness revealing a new relationship with the world, others and oneself. -2. Historically, Somnambulism is a pre-feminism movement in the first half of the 18th century. This unusual state of the consciousness labelled hypnosis has been an attempt to develop spaces of freedom, egalitarian social projects that could not be perceived and explored except in this state. It could be said that confronted by the impossibility of modifying the mechanisms of the real, tangible, political world, this movement strove, on the contrary, to create a different and distanced layer of existence somewhere out of reach. Although diabolized and treated as charlatanism, nevertheless all of pre-modern reformist thought drew on this movement.


The project is produced as an indoor chamber, an immersion zone, where a hypnosis session has been registered on individual flat screen. The chamber is included in the wall of the residence, for all the family (maximum 5 people). In front of them an origami, as an extension of the wall is used for a home-DVD hypnosis screen. The dismiss releasing session is about 15mn.