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Asphalt Spot

Tokamashi, Japan / 2000-2002
Architect: New-Territories / R&Sie(n)…

Creative team: François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro, Pascal Bertholio

Key dimensions: 300 m2
Client: City of Tokamashi, Art Front Gallery

Cost: 0,7 million USD
Creation of an outdoor exhibition space inside a car park

Program: 20 parking places, 300 m2 exhibition room, public facilities


1) Asphalt Drop on the site (on a bank of river with a hydroelectric Dam and periodic released water, with danger announcement by megaphone every 25 m)

2) Twisting the black surface of the car park to integrate indoor/outdoor rooms (cellar and facilities), as a petrification of the liquid turbulences.

3) Visitors are tempted to drive or walk up the slope as a way to handle their own disequilibrium, their own risk, to avoid or play upside down turtle position.